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House in Italy – to buy or to share


We have a wonderful, quiet piece of land about 1 hour North of Rome, with a house and a magazzino
(stone-built auxiliary building). We are seeking someone to share the whole thing, or someone to buy
the upper part of the land including the fully developed house.

Where: Vetralla is in northern Lazio, with bus, train and car less than 1.5 hours to the center of Rome.
The house is in an extremly quiet area, with a few houses in the neighbourhood and some 3 kmoutside of Vetralla. Vetralla is a small medieval town with few – if any – tourists. There is a wideselection of small shops and some large supermarkets in Vetralla. To Viterbo with its abundantshopping and cultural events it is only 10km. The whole area is full of Etruskian graves and Romantreasures. Less than 15min drive away is beautiful Lago di Vico for swimming, and it takes 90 min toa nice little beach on the Mediterreanean.

The land: One hectar (2.5 acres) in size, it is covered with olive trees, hazelnuts and grapes (eachabout a third of the area), with some fruit trees and fresh figs in summer. A lot of oak trees for
firewood, and a small water basin that is a mini-swimming-pool in summer (or rather a giant wadingpool....)

House: A fully developed, recently renovated house (built in the 1970s) with some 70 square meters(750 square feet). The ground floor contains a large kitchen/living room with a fireplace, a bedroomand a (completely newly built) bathroom. Upstairs is another bedroom. As the house is built adjacentto a hill, the large cellar room of some 30 square meters is also at ground level and can well bedeveloped into a living room or an additional holiday apartment. Water (from our own well) and
electricity is available. The house is officially and legally registered as a house to live in.

Magazzino: There is a stone-built auxiliary building (2 rooms, 22 square meters = 240 square foot
each) on the land which can be developed into a full-blown house.


Option 1: To share
We are a family of five from Nothern Germany. We bought the land about a year ago. It is ideally
suited to be shared by two parties. The magazzino would have to be fully developed, so that each party
has their own house – for now, but also to live there later. We actually plan to fully move to Vetralla
in about 10 years. The land, well, water basin and cellar would be used together.
Costs: Depending on your choice – whether you want to take the house or the magazzino – and
depending on the costs of developing the magazzino, this will cost between 80,000 – 140,000 Euro.
We are pretty easy going, our kids are 12-18 years old and we are NOT garden perfectionist. We don’t
think you need a university degree to cut fruit trees and and we go to Vetralla for holidays, not for
work. We are not seeking a psycho group but just some nice, uncomplicated, progressive people to
live next door with us in Italy.

Option 2: to buy
If we can not find anybody to share, we would opt for selling the house including the groundfloorcellar
(total living area 100 square meters = 1080 square ft) and the upper part of the land for 170,000
Euro. Roughly estimated, the land would have 2000 square meters = 20,000 square ft. and is mainly
covered with olive trees.